Don’t want to wait up to one year for your ERC payment?

An Advance Payment can help your business today!

The IRS is currently taking 1 year or more to send tax credit checks. With advance payment at Priority Concepts, you can receive your refund in less than 72 hours. 

Improved Cash Flow: An advance payment of your ERC refund provides an immediate boost to your business’s cash flow, allowing you to reinvest the money in your business or use it to cover other expenses.

Reduced Tax Liability: An advance payment of your ERC refund reduces the amount of taxes you owe, reducing your overall tax liability.

Easier Budgeting: Knowing the amount of your ERC refund in advance allows you to better plan and budget for your business’s expenses.

Improved Credit Rating: Paying taxes on time and in full can improve your business’s credit rating, making it easier to obtain financing for future investments.

Increased Convenience: An advance payment of your ERC refund eliminates the need to wait for a large lump sum of money at the end of the year.

Do you have your claim?

No. If you do not have a claim and would like us to calculate and file your claim, please know the following:

Yes. If you already have your claim and would like more information regarding the process, please start off by collecting the following:

Inflation is on the Rise!

Take advantage of the value of the dollar now with an advance payment on your ERTC refund. We provide funding in under 72 hours.

1. Application Approval

Our team will analyze your claim and background to determine if business qualifies for an advance.

2. Analysis & Calculations

We then analyze your application and calculate the maximum advance amount available.

3. Processed & Funded

You can rely on us to handle all the legwork from start to finish and deliver your advance in 3 days.

Key Takeaways of our Advance Payment

Call us to learn how you can receive an advance on your ERR refund:


Whether TVT Capital processes your claim or you have a claim prepared, you can count on us to get your money back.

By having the funds available in advance, you can take advantage of opportunities for growth or pursue other investments in your business. Additionally, an advance payment can help you to better manage your cash flow, as you can plan your finances around the amount of the refund instead of having to wait until the end of the year to receive your refund.

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