We don’t get paid until you get paid.

Our First Priority: Refunding Your Money

We Provide ERC Refund Calculations and Advance Payment.

  • Up to $26,000 per Employee
  • No Upfront Costs

Advance Payment

Take advantage of our ERC Advance Payment program to receive your refund within days rather than up to a year. If you have your ERC claim (or need us to file for you) we can provide you with a single, flat-fee advance for 12 months.


Dedicated Support

As our client you are appointed a dedicated team of Tax Attorneys, CPAs and Refund Specialists who work hard for you to receive every penny your business deserves. In fact, we don’t get paid until your business gets paid! And if Uncle Sam knocks on your door, we’ll be there to answer in full defense of our ERC refund.


Is Your Business Eligible for the ERTC?

If you are a US-based company with W2 employees on the payroll in 2020 and 2021, and/or saw a decline in revenue from the beginning of the pandemic through the third quarter of 2021 then you’re owed money! If your business received PPP, no worries, you can still receive your ERC refund.

Time is Running Out!

The fastest way to know if your company is eligible is to get started now.

No credit card
. No upfront costs.
Simple 3 step process.

1. Application Approval

After your application is approved, you are assigned a dedicated team to calculate and maximize your refund.

2. Meet Your Team

We will set up a consultation to discuss your claim and ERC Advance options, plus collect documents required for your refund, then we go to work on filing your claim.

3. Get Your Refund

If you qualify for the ERC Advance you will receive payment within 3 days. Or the IRS will cut you a check with waiting times up to 12 months.

Now is the Time to Put Your ERC Refund to Work for Your Business

At TVT Capital, we believe every business owner deserves the opportunity to grow their organization. The Employee Retention Credit Program was created to increase business stability and growth. Our goal is to help you maximize the value of the refund so your business turns the corner from surviving to thriving.

Whether TVT Capital processes your claim or you have a claim prepared, you can count on us to get your money back.